PPP Ilmu Alim is a Brunei company registered under Business Names Act Cap 92 (Section 16 and 17) on 2nd January 2002. We are in the lists of “Consultants” of the Ministry of Development.

Our primary focus is to serve the interest of Brunei Darussalam

Our services cover:

1. Socio- Economic Engineering
2. Sustainable Environment
3. People and Process
4. Info-Communication
5. Physical Infrastructure

Our approach to assignments are by multi discipline and in multi dimensions namely:

1. Change Engineering
2. Project Management
3. People and Technology
4. Leadership Process


Our primary role in the consultancy services is to provide:

1. The facilitation,
2. The process, and
3. The methodology

of formulating the “Strategic Plan”. PPP Ilmu Alim and our resource partners have a long and successful experience of facilitating the process of strategic planning and facilitating the organizing for implementation of plans of actions.


Contacat us at :

Tel:  +673-2333770
Fax: +673-2343738


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